Our Education Provision

Engagement is key to everything we do. Lessons are tailored to the needs and abilities of pupils, and are designed to be interactive and multi-sensory, thereby ensuring that pupils are motivated by and become actively involved in their own learning. We have a bespoke curriculum here at Maple Grove. We cover all National Curriculum subjects in creative, innovative ways, responding appropriately to the needs of individual children. In addition, we deliver an autism-specific curriculum based on the eight areas of the Autism-Education Trust’s Progression Framework.

Elements of both established and emerging models of autism support and education represent the foundation of everything we do. These include TEACCH, SCERTS, PECS, Attention Autism, and Makaton. All staff are provided with training in these.

Some pupils with autism present with behaviour that can be challenging to those around them. At Maple Grove we endeavour to understand the causes of and reasons for those behaviours on an individual basis, before acting accordingly to reduce any sources of anxiety or distress that may ‘trigger’ these behaviours. This creates an opportunity for us to teach the individual pupil the skills and coping mechanisms they need to reduce their anxiety, communicate their needs in a positive way, or tolerate challenging situations.