Learning Environment


There are six bright and well-proportioned classrooms in the school, each of which have easy access to the central hall, specially designed arts and ICT areas, sensory room and therapy room. Wall decorations are deliberately understated and muted so as to promote a sense of calm across the school. Careful consideration has been given to the acoustics of the school, with sound-reducing wall and ceiling panels installed to support pupils who are easily stimulated and overwhelmed by noise.

Supporting Children

Partnership is key to the success of Maple Grove. We work closely with parents and carers, therapists, and local authority and medical colleagues to ensure that each pupil accesses the right package of support to meet their needs. We have a ‘Total Communication’ approach in Maple Grove, to ensure that all pupils are supported at all times, by all staff, to develop and extend their social communication skills. We make extensive use of our locality to enhance and enrich pupil learning experiences, including visits to the nearby allotments, Alexandra Park and local businesses in the bustling Chester suburb of Hoole


Our ultimate aim at Maple Grove is to prepare our students for life in modern Britain, and whatever the next stage of their journey may be, whether that is employment, further education, or something else entirely. Our individually tailored curriculum covers all National Curriculum subjects in imaginative and flexible ways. In addition, we deliver an autism-specific curriculum based on the following eight areas of the Autism Education Trust’s Pupil Progression Framework

  • Communication and Interaction
  • Social Understanding and Relationships
  • Sensory Processing
  • Interests, Routines and Processing
  • Emotional Understanding and Self-Awareness
  • Learning and Engagement
  • Healthy Living
  • Independence and Community Participation

Physical activity, animal care, and learning in the outdoors are central to the implementation of our curriculum. Regular opportunities are provided for pupils to access activities including yoga, cycling, Forest School and coaching in inclusive and traditional sports by external coaches. Our location provides an enviable wealth of learning opportunities, including the extensive Roman history found throughout the city of Chester, and the industrial past of the canal network that passes just a few hundred yards from the school. Across the curriculum, we incorporate work on pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, as well as encouraging their understanding of core British values. In addition we work on personal development, and relationships and sex education in bespoke and individualised ways.