Eco Garden Update

The sensory garden at Maple Grove is coming along really well. So far, the ground has all been levelled and our barefoot trail has started being laid. We were set the challenge of collecting over 400 home made Eco Bricks and 1400 glass bottles. As this was such a huge endeavour, we decided to make it a Community Project and ask all of Maple Grove’s friends, family and neighbours to join in and help us collect bottles and help the environment at the same time! We made a sign for our school gate and dropped flyers off at local houses and collected all 1400 glass bottles in no time at all and as you can see, the bottle wall is looking amazing! To make it extra special, we asked all the staff and pupils here at the school to write a little bit about themselves and put that and a photo of themselves into some of the bottles to make our very own secret time capsule!


The plot of land before work started

In addition to the glass bottles, we have all been collecting our non-recyclable plastic to make eco bricks. These bricks are being used to build a large planter that will one day house a sensory wildlife garden filled with bee and butterfly friendly flowers and plants.
Our next project is to create a music wall using old pots, pans, piping and tubes for our pupils to enjoy. Once again, our friends and neighbours have been called upon and have stepped up to help us collect these items.

Barefoot trail progress


The final aspect will be some homemade furniture made from repurposed wooden pallets and a willow tunnel for our pupils to explore.



Bottle wall and planter progress